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TheLabelFinder is the #1 online directory of fashion brands in local shops.

Market leaders!

The leading fashion search engine for local retail with 18.000 labels and 118.000 shops worldwide

Great popularity!

Trusted point of contact for 3 million potential customers per month, who want to shop locally

Strong partners!

Permanent profile presence on our German partner websites Vogue, Glamour, GQ and annabelle

High visibility!

Top position in searches for brands in the local context in Google, mostly amongst the top 5


  • Increase the visibility of your business through our 3 million visits per month
  • Permanent presence on the renowned fashion portals of German Vogue, GQ, Glamour and Swiss annabelle
  • Search engine optimized and high quality profile as an online presence for your shopping center
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Your top benefits as our premium customer

High visibility

Prominent display on the cover pages of the Vogue, GQ, Glamour and annabelle Labelfinder

Appealing presence

Integration of large format images, videos, text as well as links to your social media, website and online shop

Sales promotion

Attract potential customers to your business by promoting events and sales and presenting your lookbooks

Why TheLabelFinder?

Consumers want to buy and try on fashion locally but they don’t know in which store they can find the brands they’re looking for. TheLabelFinder shows them online where they can find their favorite brands offline.

How does TheLabelFinder work?

On our website, users simply enter the brand they are looking for and select the city in which they want to find them. Alternatively, they reach us through typing the brand and city into search engines like Google. Users can also search for tags defining the product range or speciality stores on our website. Corresponding to their searches for brand names, tags referring to product ranges or a selection of specialty stores, new customers find their way into physical stores and are not lost to online retail.

What makes TheLabelFinder unique?

One entry - five great constant presences on our website and our German partner sites Glamour, GQ, Vogue and Swiss annabelle!
With a TheLabelFinder profile entry, your store is constantly found on our website and our German partner sites Glamour, GQ, Vogue and Swiss annabelle - at only a fraction of the prize of a print advertisement.
What this means for you: maximized reach, new target groups, more customers in your local store

Who can can create a profile entry?

“Professionals”, meaning owners of stores and/or brands, PR or fashion agencies who are responsible for these, as well as the management of shopping centers. We do not accept pure online shops. We reserve the right to reject certain stores or brands. You can find detailed information on this in our Terms and Conditions.

What types of entries are there?

Shop: XS, S, M, L, XL
Shopping center: Basic, Premium
Label: Basic, Premium

Why is my store, my shopping center or my brand already listed when I didn’t register yet?

We receive dealer lists from brands that are listed in our database. If a store isn’t listed yet, we create a free-of-charge Basic profile in order to be able to show our users all PoS of a brand. Also, stores have the opportunity to report missing brands which we usually then add to our database.

Will there be more features in the future?

Our team works constantly to develop new features and will gladly keep you in the loop!

Profile type Basic Premium Premium+
Listing position Last First First
Profile on Vogue, GQ, Glamour and annabelle
Expected profile visits + ++++ ++++
Address, map view, opening times and contact information
Image and video
Description texts 300 chars
Full list of labels
Ad free profile
Events, sales and vouchers
Show on basic competitor profiles
Website & Social Media on your profile
Shop services & further informations
Indoor maps & lookbooks
Offer for additional premium shops Discount code for commercial tenants Package price (tenants incl.)
Price Free of charge Create profile 199
99With the coupon "AUTUMN".
Only for a short time!
/ month excl. VAT Create profile
On request We will contact you with an offer! Create profile
Create profile Create profile Create profile
Basic Free of charge
Premium 199
99With the coupon "AUTUMN".
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Premium+ On request We will contact you with an offer!
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